Tuesday, July 28, 2009

this week's agenda:

-have bedroom window exterminated and therefore cleared of ants
-purge through years of nostalgic build-up and organize my belongings
-hide from the sun
-make a much anticipated trip to IKEA to buy a desk and some white board pens
-send a secret to post secret
-turn my humdrum little bedroom into a creative and inspiring masterpiece
-go for a much needed skeletal alignment
-submit an expense claim
-pick up Jen from the ferry
-debrief with Jen
-eat Moby Dick’s fish & chips
-contemplate the meaning of life


Bglad said...

I'm waiting for your thoughts on the meaning of life...chip chop my friend!

And hey lets dream together of how we can make both our spaces masterpieces..its so exciting I've been dreaming of my apt and what it'll look like...too bad for the roomies....ITS ALL MINE!!!

ashleyalvina said...

oh i love to dream! invite me over and i'll tell you which of your ideas are good :) hahah just kidding (not about the invitation though).
And pish tosh, your roommate doesn't own the place, YOU DO! You can do whatever you want lady!

my quest for the meaning of life is ongoing; i haven't really had any new or profound thoughts lately. i'll be sure to notify you once i do though :)

Heidi M. Lindskog said...

I also have a secret to send to postsecret

Sharelle said...

daily i think of secrets to send to post secret.

i never send them.

i only read other people's. hmm...