Wednesday, August 19, 2009

adventures in creativity-isms

What I did after work today:

-drove downtown all by my directionally-challenged self
-parked approximately 50 blocks (a 15 minute walk) from where I needed to end up
-used a very questionable public bathroom in a humid, sticky coffee joint on Davie Street
-drank an iced latte that tasted too much like espresso and not enough like latte
-admired my friend's artistic abilities (see previous post)
-wrote a chapter for my book on some fliers i found in the coffee shop beside the sugar table
-realized halfway through my latte that A) I hadn't eaten dinner and B) this drink is caffeinated and C) that this meant I was going to feel sick and be awake into the wee hours of the morning
-contemplated reading a chapter in the book I brought to read. Opted to go socialize instead.
-walked to Coastal Church; listened to a recording project
-caught a bus by myself for the first time ever as an adult (using money given to me by Ryan, because I was too chicken to walk that far in the dark)
-discovered that German Reggae music actually isn't that bad. Thanks CBC radio2.
-realized at midnite that I still hadn't eaten dinner. Out comes the mini quiche and on goes the oven. Into my belly goes the mini quiche. Yum.
-spent over 2 hours trying to re-design my blog.
-spent at least half of those hours trying to decode HTML.
-gave up on the idea of having a perfect looking blog. this will just have to do.*
-decided to go to bed after nodding off with my laptop in my lap.

*reverted back to original the next day. if you missed the temp-disaster, you really didn't miss much. just a bunch of obvious glitches in HTML all over the screen.

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