Friday, August 21, 2009

the daily routine:

Drive in, greet coworkers,
Sit down.
Heater on, computer on,
Make tea.
Check email.
Check social networking profile.
Check other email account.
Check third email account.
Check blog,
Check friend’s blogs.
Consider doing actual work.
Work for 10 minutes.
Walk slowly to the bathroom.
Go pee.

Back to desk; check email.
Write an email.
Check social networking profile.
Write a message.
Check other email account.
Check third email account.
Doodle some thoughts onto some scrap paper.
Consider working.
Organize a small Stack of Documents;
Ordered by date.

Daydream; what must it be like to have a purpose?
Reality: I am too comfortable to find that purpose.

Check bank account; scrutinize financial habits.
Daydream; what must it be like to have freedom?
Reality: I am staying too comfortable on purpose,
So I can slowly get to there.

Routine: day job.
Routine: imagine myself elsewhere.
Routine: check email.

Drink water.
Refill water glass.
Drink more water.
Wait 10 minutes,
Go pee.
Back to desk,

Nap in the Secret Break Room
Under an old fleece jacket I found hanging on the back of the door.

Back to desk.
Check email.
Check other email.
Check third email account.
Drink more water.
Write an email.
Write a blog entry.
Contemplate the meaning of life.

Open up my electronic calendar,
Examine the days; by month.
Listen to how they buzz, in their excitement to rush by.

Print a few pages from an inter office program.
Save them for that last, Dragging Hour.

Antiques Road Show in closed-captioning on the TV in the
Secret Break Room.

Check email.

Office gossip and coworker’s surreptitious theories
On upper-management’s plans to take over the world.
Meander on over to my favourite websites and peruse for a bit.
Laugh and giggle silently to myself at my desk.
Re-read inbox messages, maybe write one.

One more big gulp of water,
A snack, some online News and more useless scribbling;
thoughts on paper that no one will be reading.
One more bathroom break.

Stare at the calendar and imagine the coming days.
Notice the clock on the monitor.
It’s arrived: that last, Dragging Hour.

I breathe a short, unmotivated sigh
as I pull out the Organized Stack of Documents
and the pages I printed hours ago.
Put it all together,
Divide it in half.
Save second half for tomorrow.

10 minutes, blink.
Work done for the day, blink.
Brain cells fusing together from lack of use…

If you spend your life staring at small screens:
Your eye sight will get worse,
You’ll put your back out from slouching in a chair all day,
And likely, you’ll get cellulite on your ass.
(this is what I hear, anyways).



Anonymous said...


.................................................................. said...

ohhh so that's where all my cellulite comes from!!!

Anonymous said...

This entry makes me feel much better about myself...I do the same you....EVERY....DAY!!

Cheers!! Bailey (PS Im at work right now!! only 1.5 more hours!! :o)

Bglad said...

Oh Ash I love yah!!!

11:41. I arrived at 8:12 - when is 4:00 going to hit I contemplated going home sick as I do feel horrible today but my loyalty and the fact that I just had two weeks off for vacay are keeping me here...for now....We'll see if i can actually convince myself to go home when I probably should!

Man how I love thee, imagine the bosses knowing the generation of workers they've created...alas 95% of the time I'm worked off my feet I just happen to be stationed this month at the one care home where the boss doesnt let me do anything so there for its a create work project...what were those websites you told me about lastnight again!!