Sunday, August 2, 2009

if only tears could change it

Hello all,

I am writing this post as a call/request for each of you to take a moment to pause today and pray for my friends Andrew and Marie, and their son Josiah. Andrew and Marie are the kind of people that stay with you even after years have passed since your last meeting; they amaze me constantly. Their son, Josiah, was born on Feb 16, 2007 with some complications. This morning, he suffered from an unknown medical emergency that took him into cardiac arrest, and is now unresponsive (Andrew explains it well here in the post from August 2). Andrew and Marie may now need to make decisions for their baby that no parent ever wants to make.

I ask that you take a moment today, brief as it may be, to join me in lifting them up and caring for them in prayer.


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Farrah said...

I will be praying for this little life and his mom and dad - may God's comfort and tender mercy reign.