Monday, August 17, 2009

SHOUT OUT! ----Ryan Hauser.

The term 'shout out', according to Wikipedia, is "a greeting or acknowledgment of a person, group, or organization of significance. It is often done as a sign of respect, synonymous with "giving props".
I have decided that each Monday, I am going to post a SHOUT OUT! where I will highlight some of the sweet local talent in and around BC. Why Mondays? you ask. The answer is simple: we can all use a little something to look forward to on Mondays; and if you're anything like me, my "please entertain me" internet surfing habits skyrocket on Mondays.
Why only BC artists? One, because I live here. And two, because this province is loaded with artists of all kinds; so whether it's a painter, singer-songwriter, photographer, or ______: if you or someone you know wants to be featured in my weekly SHOUT OUT! let me know!

I'm so excited to introduce my first guest, Ryan Hauser. If you've ever met the guy, you probably understand the importance of practicing your bladder control; this guy can improv like nobody's business. Not only does he frequent some of the local stand-up comedy joints around town, he's a talented artist to boot! He's creeping up the Vancouver art scene with his work, and currently has an exhibit at Melriches Coffee House, 1244 Davie Street in downtown Van. The (free!) exhibit runs until Aug 30; get yourself down there, have an espresso-infused beverage and enjoy the innerworkings of a wizard's imagination. Without further ado, let me introduce you to DRy, Inc.

(this next one's my personal fave)

I'll be heading to the exhibit this evening with a friend;
Check it out!

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Ryan Hauser said...

wow! awesome. thanks for the Shout out. funny you post these ones cause there are PLENTY better ones since. can wait for you to see it.

-RYaN (DRy Inc.)