Monday, September 21, 2009

an important distinction

"Where do you go clubbing?" asked my coworker, once upon a time.

"Hah" I laughed, "I don't go to clubs". Clubs are for silly people, I tell myself. And I feel quite self important at the end of this brief conversation.

I feel I need to make this important distinction. I do not like clubbing, but I do like to dance. A lot. In fact, I may love dancing.
...Maybe, if we spent more time together.

Dancing punches stress in the face. Dancing makes me laugh from sheer joy. Dancing meets that burger in the middle, wrestles it for awhile, and keeps it from clinging to my aging fat cells. Dancing takes my cares for a long, long walk.

Clubbing means beer breath, negative stereotypes, frosted tips and shiny shirts. To club is to walk through a land where physical boundaries bend in new and frightening ways. Clubbing shocks my innocence (and I am not even entirely innocent); like MTV in real life.

To find a place where you can dance and let the heavy, weighted beat move you how it moves you is rare; to find a place where you can dance and not have a sweaty crotch-wrangler* grab your waist and pull you close is even more exceptional. Which is why I have fallen in love with Girl Talk.

Girl Talk, once you've showered I would like to give you a big hug to say THANK YOU, for making dancing fun again.

the girl who likes to dance but does not like to club.

*my new term for the men who frequent clubs. Vulgar? Yes. Fitting? Absolutley.


Malory said...

I think one day when I'm you're way we should definitly have a DANCE PARTY!! I love dancing, it makes me smile out of pure joy too! I LOVE dancing in the mirror...haha, what a dork, but I think I make some pretty funny moves!

anita said...

Invite me!!! (that's a bit of shameless horning in on the fun on my part :) We could have a DANCE OFF!! or a sock hop. Or a dance off at our sock hop!

Margaret said...

So what is Girl Talk? A club just for women? I saw it all over Facebook the other day.

ashleyalvina said...

Malory & Anita - DANCE PARTY! Anytime ladies, anytime. Maybe we all go to Girl Talk next time he's around?

Margaret - Girl Talk is a musical genius. Hhaha. that doesn't really answer the question does it! Here's an article on the guy on wikipedia

basically he mixes music together in sweet and unexpected ways and he is SEAMLESS in his delivery.

Margaret said...

How does that help with the crotch grabbing? Er... wrangling?

ashleyalvina said...

well, to my knowledge, it didn't happen at the concert. It was literally a bunch of people who just came to dance. Fabulous.