Thursday, September 17, 2009

In the absence of Pity Cake.

Normally, for our admin-office birthdays, a cake is purchased on the sly & a card is passed around in a folder for everyone to sign. It’s a great tradition: Surprise! Even though you knew it was coming, we bought you a cake!

Nothing like finding out the tradition is over - on the day of your actual birthday, at the time the cake would have normally arrived.

News Update! A cake was brought today (2 days later), to share with the other birthdays that were missed (one on the same day as mine, one earlier in the summer - which we all forgot about because she took vacation right over her birthday). So it's not a lost tradition, it was just on a break for awhile. Good to know; I've been enjoying the 8 times yearly birthday cake parties (this doesn't include the 5-10 times yearly retirement/birthday cake parties for the other staff in the building). Next stop: Christmas season and the daily chocolate boxes the rest of the building feels compelled to buy our admin department. Thank God the rest of the women here are on diets - more for me! Diabetes, here I come.


Bglad said...

I am going to place a complaint to your department head! What what that totally stinks!! Well my love we will make up for it this evening!

Much love!

anita said...

Was it your bday yesterday Ash?? And me rushing out the door at church without much more than a 'hi how are you'. Consider yourself wildly hugged (bday or not :)

Margaret said...

Just learned you have a blog Ashley! And... sorry to hear your birthday was kind of a bummer.