Tuesday, October 6, 2009

so, would you?

More on the retreat later, as I unpack all the wonderful analogies that come with pulling weeds on an apple orchard. For now, a thought to consider.

First, some context: Much of our weekend was spent learning about things like
-what it takes to grow an apple
-what it takes to grow an apple that will SELL (shockingly, a big difference...I'll explain later)

Then we expanded: global issues
-worldwide water shortage
-climate change and how it's effecting food markets the world over
-how many resources does it take to produce meat, veggies, wheat, rice etc
-what is it like to live in a country with no water/oil/natural resources? What do they eat?
-what it will mean for the countries (like ours) who outsource most of their food growth to other countries, once this water shortage/etc becomes more prevalent?
-eating local vs. outsourced food - does it really matter?

Okay so the jist: took a pretty close and heavy handed look at food, and how much we WASTE (financially and otherwise) just putting the elaborate meals we eat on our tables. Considering what it would be like to live without these unnecessary luxuries.

At one point in the weekend, while we were debriefing about what we had learned, Colin started laughing (out of nowhere, it was rather entertaining) and said, "I JUST HAD THE WORST IDEA!"

His idea? Eat beans and rice for a month. Give the rest of your grocery money away.

To be honest, the idea appeals to me. I like a challenge. I am seriously considering doing this, soon. My only adjustment (for the sake of my digestive system and overall health) is to add local veggies to the mix. I think it would be interesting, to say the least.

So. Beans, rice, and local veggies.*
For a month.

...definitely possible.

Could be.

What do you think? Is this something YOU would consider doing? Why or why not?

*canned beans aren't necessarily healthy in mass, either, what with their high salt content and preservatives.  SO thinking about buying raw beans and learning what to do with them.


Margaret said...

You will definitely save money! What about herbs? With some herbs, you could make some tasty bean/rice dishes. I do think you should include fruit as well as nuts/seeds, for the sake of nutrition. You may want to also consider one more type of whole grain for variety. I recommend quinoa or buckwheat, both of which are pretty much complete proteins in and of themselves.

Eating out will be the hardest part, if it's even possible. And beans do take some planning as you have to soak them.

Farrah said...

DOable for sure. Willow Creek (a church in South Barrington, Illinois) does this once a year for a week!

Bglad said...

I would do it with you easily my friend, when you done lemme know and we can keep each other accountable!!!

Bglad said...

When youre ready I meant..its a monday!