Thursday, January 21, 2010

I aspire to giggle more

As I was contemplating life at the end of '09 and writing my 2010 to-do list, I realized something: I need more fun in my life. Not that I never have fun...but rather, I think I just need more of it. What does one do when one finds oneself in this situation? (stop using "one" like that in a sentence, perhaps?)

This year is gonna be a doozy on many levels (levels which I'll keep to myself, for now). But thankfully God's been providing noticeable moments of reprieve in my days, be it hilarious friends or inside jokes with my family or suprise Caramel Macchiatos on my desk in the morning. I have been overwhelmed as of late with the people I have in my life, and how good you all are at loving me well. So here's to you, family, friends & readers alike. Your role is an important one.

Isn't it funny how we skip about our days and notice only months into something how valuble it is? My part time job is one of those areas - I've mentioned them before: Photobooth Vancouver. When I started working for them last year, I really had to convince myself I was cool enough to work alongside these fine folks (and truthfully, I'm still not convinced). Eventually that shock settled and changed to excitement and wonder. But after my latest shifts there I've really started to realize how truly grateful I am for the moments I've had there; both behind & outside the curtain. I think we all need a place to drop our pretenses and just be silly for a moment...or, perhaps, four moments.

Ang & Domi, the company you've created rocks on so many levels. You provide something that's missing for a lot of people: pure, sweet sillyness. As was quoted at last week's show you are "the rockstars" of Photobooth! Not only that, but you are incredibly refreshing to be around as individuals. Quite simply, you are lovely. Thanks for letting me giggle along with you. :)

(be jealous. or, just invite them to your next party so you don't have to be jealous anymore)

related afterthoughts: a SHOUT OUT to Photobooth Vancouver

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