Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wwyem, pt4: I stand corrected

Well, seeing as 2010 is the year of learning about humility, it seems only right that I would make mistakes in a post, sigh. I'm learning as I go just like the rest of you! Thankfully that's okay...right?

So pt2 had some incorrect information in it regarding where the body goes for energy after it takes the energy from food. I haven't led you entirely astray (phew!) but thanks to a comment left on pt2, we can all be set straight. I said in pt 2 that the body goes for energy from food, then muscle, then fat - that order isn't entirely correct. Here's the relevent pieces of the comment (that points out my error & fixes it) - I encourage you to read it so we're all on the same page:

"As someone trained in this field as well though I have to point out some errors in this post...When glucose is exhausted, the body doesn't first go to the breakdown of muscle, it goes for fat. The energy also obtained from fat is not poor energy, its turned into a glucose product (acetyl CoA)which is prime, it just takes too long to break down fat for it to be used as a sole energy source in anything but a lethargic tired person. Fats don't make ketones, ketones are formed from the breakdown of amino acids (protein, muscles) but are "bad" energy as you said. Fat is the second in line for energy, not muscle/protein, but because fat alone can't provide enough energy for a normal active person, protein is degraded to compliment, or when fat stores are getting low.

Your body will store fat over making muscle, if that muscle isn't required regularly. That is where the extra fat instead of muscle comes in when you start eating excessively again post-diet.

...Glycogen is simply stored glucose. So the body first uses available glucose from our food, then goes to the stored glucose (glycogen). Then for fat. Then muscle/protein. "

Unfortunately, this commenter didn't leave a name (for those of you that follow this blog/my life, you'll know my hesitations about visits from Anony), but I do appreciate that they stopped by! This is what I was hoping for, essentially: to start a conversation and get people talking - for people that know stuff to say the stuff they know, and for the rest of us that don't know stuff to learn more about it. Yay :)

I'm realizing more and more just how much information could be doled out/discussed in a series like this. So know that if I haven't covered the topic/area you're thinking of just yet, it's probably on it's way.


*Comment rules (yup): please do your best to remember that for many people this is a personal discussion, even when it’s not a personal discussion. Be gentle!

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