Wednesday, January 13, 2010

wwyem, pt4b: ah, conversation

Ha, I love it. Here we go, a message for all from Nurse Rita.
Hopefully we aren't confusing you, but rather: giving you something to think about.

Oh boy, you got a doosey… she is wrong in that fat is your 2nd line for energy – it is your 3rd line… I need to get my medical books to have the proper terms – but I know that diet companies thrive on the idea that fat is used for ‘energy’ as soon as you pee ketones… That is correct but it is BAD energy and they really do NOT want people to know about the muscle loss – it would be bad for business… I will get back to you with a proper ‘medical’ reference when I have a little time – so… Don’t be discouraged – YOU were actually correct and kept it in simple easy to understand terminology… This other person (whoever they are) has not even stated their ‘source’ hmmmmm that says something…

A quick reminder: any debate on this blog (whether directed at me or at you) needs to be spoken not out of defense (emotion) and also does need to be gentle. There are a lot of different beliefs (all with "proof") out in the world of nutrition (for example: the lemonade diet? tons of "proof" that it's good for you). Like I keep saying, this is a personal conversation even when it isn't a personal conversation, and I ask that all of us (including all Anonymous contributors) keep that in mind! Your comments here are appreciated and I respect you for sharing them, please don't think otherwise :)


lavonne said...

Dear Ashley,

As I was grocery shopping the other night I compared "low-fat" to "normal" options for many products, such as cream cheese and triscuits. I noticed that the low fat options had lower fat but much higher sodium than the normal option. I have heard that too much sodium is not good for you, so which do I buy - low fat, with lower fat content but higher sodium or normal, with higher fat but lower sodium?

Concerned in Surrey, BC

ashleyalvina said...

Dear Concerned in Surrey,

I will look into this for you & have an answer posted within the next week (I'd like to make sure I'm right before I give an answer)

All the best,
the composer