Thursday, February 18, 2010

10 things I’ve learned... watching the 2010 Winter Olympic Games:

1) the value of time one tenth of a second.

2) That I’m not as lazy as I thought I was…in fact, I’m lazier.

3) Falling down is not what matters. It’s when you fall that counts…and who you knock over in the process.

4) If my team is up, even the most mundane sport becomes exciting. Until my team leaves, of course, then that sport is boring once more.

5) Watching moguls makes all my joints want to die, watching cross country makes my stomach muscles convulse and watching downhill stops my lungs from working. In short, I’m a delightful spectator.

6) Cheering for the same team makes people like you, if for no other reason at all.

7) Did you know that biathletes can slow their heart rate from hyperactive to resting in under a minute? It’s how they shoot the guns so calmly. That’s about as fast as I can eat a Big Mac. I win.

8) I’ve learned that even though I’m the least athletic person I know, I’m still oddly and falsely competitive, “Fine, so you’re a really good athlete and you just won a gold medal. But if you ever have an essay to write I could… edit it for you… and increase your grade… by a marginal amount.”

9) If people loved and devoted themselves to loving others like Jesus did as much as they loved and devoted themselves to the world of sports, we’d live in a very different world.

10) And finally, I've realized that Countries and people groups may war for a time, but they will always – at some point – put down their guns long enough to play hockey. Maybe instead of war we should just have more sporting events? Winner takes all.

I love this picture.
Alexandre Bilodeau takes Gold for Canada
 at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games


Bonnie said...

I love your mind....this is great Ash...made me laugh and think....both of which are much needed !!!

Anonymous said...

very cool list. David Letterman would be proud :) f.

Anonymous said...

I like it.

Mama said...

This is hilarious and made me think also. I just may want to hang it on the wall. And do send it to David Letterman and Jay Leno, too.