Tuesday, February 23, 2010

guess what TODAY is!!! (volume 2)

Well ladies & gents, the time for waiting is over! Laurell's new album, Can't Stop Falling, is available TODAY!!! This is without a doubt the biggest and most important week of her music career! In a word from her manager Sarah, "so many music industry and media eyes are on the album waiting to see if it will succeed or not. The ‘big fishies’ of music don’t give independent artist much of a chance and don’t really believe they can see a lot of sales, so we need to prove them wrong. The sales numbers of the album in it’s first week are huge in determining future support from the music industry and media, and we really need YOUR support right now to make that happen."

Find it on iTUNES, at your local music store, amazon.com, or from her website! (*note: the release, so far, is just in Canada - IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF CANADA - Check out her website - you can order her CD from there and they will mail it to you!!)

One last promo, and then I'm done. (for now. cough).

Party time!

Here's a bit of what to expect: "Handfuls of local business owners and supporters have jumped on board to make Laurell's CD Release Party a night to remember. From Red Carpet door prizes and abstract artwork, to a photobooth, gourmet cupcakes, and unique decorations, Laurell is showing her fans just how much she loves them by awarding luxury "goodie-bags" to her first 200 guests that night! Exchange your ticket for her new CD and come experience a night you won't forget!"

Get your tickets here 

(ps - if you're planning on getting your CD via your ticket at the CD release, why not buy one for a friend or three? Or your mom? Excellent idea, you!)

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