Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the pages of a magazine: spotlight on lily&jae

As I sit here, I am the Picture of Fashion in my old Batman t-shirt (that I bought for $1, thank you very much) - at 1am, I'm comfortable with my selection. Laurell's new music is coming through my headphones so loudly that my ears are threatening to go on strike. My roommate is sleeping, and I should be too. But you see, I promised my friend Bailey (and myself) that I would write a blog post about the new lily&jae collection. I want to - I'm just not entirely sure what I can say; a girl in a Batman t-shirt.

Well, child's shirt or not, I still know good fashion when I see it - and for those of you who know me, you'll know how much I love LOCAL art. Fashion is Art, my friends, and this clothing is made (and sold) right here in Vancouver! Shout out - to lily&jae, perhaps?

...looking at these dresses is enough to inspire even the smallest imagination. What I love about their style is that it is SO SIMPLE. Great colors & sweet patterns; girly, without going over the top. Pick your favorite summer memory and combine it with every heartbeat you have for your best friends. Add a romantic evening. There go you, the new collection by lily&jae. Also: killer boots, man.

These are just a small sampling of my favorites from their latest collection

So - where to from here? To my Financial Management course tomorrow, obviously; first class of thirteen. Hoooboy.... I'm certain they'd be impressed with me if I showed up wearing a new outift, don't you think? Not to fret though, dear friends - I've just been entered to win a g/c from the dears at lily&jae themselves! Isn't that nice of them? When I win (aw, how adorable, look at all that faith!), I'll post pics of me modelling my new l&j finds - you lucky reader, you! Stay tuned!

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Bailey said...

Love it! and LOVE the adorable!