Thursday, March 11, 2010

humility and art

“As soon as you think you’ve found it, you’ve lost it.
As soon as you’ve lost it, you’ve found it again.”

I heard this quote by a pastor a few years ago in a sermon he was preaching, on Humility, and my love for snappy sayings has kept it firmly in my memory bank. I’ve been thinking a lot about Humility lately… or in the past few days rather, in the aftermath of thought that’s come out of this post.

Blogging is a funny thing. Such a funny thing, in fact, that every blog I’ve had over the years has ended up having a post remarkably similar to this one. On the one hand, I revel in the space I’ve created here: you know the one: where I can craft my words exactly how I want to. On the other hand, I wonder what it’s like to be someone that doesn’t know me and come across this written piece of mind. An interesting thought; one I’ve been considering, obviously.

I suppose I wonder where Blogging crosses over into Narcissism, or if these two things are irrevocably one and the same. I certainly hope they can be seperated – and hope to keep those boundary lines as far apart as I can. As tempted as I am to worry about whether or not I’ll cross this line (or if I’ve crossed it already), I won’t (at least, not for long). To soothe my waning conscience I keep thinking about dancers and painters and violin-concerto-ists… the first group dances, the second group paints, and the third group rips their fingers up to learn the music. In short: dancers dance, painters paint, and musicians play music – they do this if they’re all alone, or if the world is watching. It becomes a part of who they are, and even when they miss a note or trip onstage, it doesn’t change the fact that this is what they do to breathe. They show their work because it’s theirs and not because it’s perfect. I suppose it can also be decided, then, that writers who write to breathe must also keep on writing, regardless of what gets dropped on the pages.

I wonder
 how little art
there would be in the world
if perfection
and compliance
were the only motivations
for creating.

both art pieces taken from
girl is created by lilymoon -see blog
little bird is a creation by little doodles. find more of her stuff on etsy.

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