Monday, March 29, 2010

Je veux aller à Paris (titre alternatif: ashley avant Paris)

I have decided, after watching Coco Avant Chanel, that I

a) want to learn French, and
b) desperately want to spend a year in Paris

Je peux penser sans meilleure manière de passer 12 mois que l'écriture dans un livre sous Tour Eiffel ou écouter le fleuve de Seine pendant que j'écris une nouvelle chanson avec mon guitere.
(I can think of no better way to spend 12 months than to write underneath the Eiffel Tower or play my guitar to the sound of the river Seine)

La mode, le romance, la créativité en expectative.
(the fashion, the romance, the expectant creativity.)

Maintenant, n'avez-vous pas une tante riche dans le bon ol Paris nécessitant un compagnon?
(Please tell your rich aunt that your friend wants to board in her guest room for a year)

(does English not sound completely atrocious? I can't even type it in big letters. Oh mon!)

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Bonnie said...

This is me saying that it is a life long dream of mine, not joking to spend one year of my life in was everything I ever hoped and wished for when I was there and when I hear about people doing this it totally thrills me!

Needless to say being young & single this should be when I'm going...but one word stands in my way mortgage......I've thought of selling it and disappearing....if I disappear now you will know where I went! can totally get around without knowing french, and then we can learn it when we get there...

Dude, now I've got my wheels a save save plan togo to Paris and see how that pans out with Gods plans! Either way I've got money saved and I see that as a win win!!