Wednesday, March 17, 2010

oh, pardon me!

I suppose it would’ve been wise, before I posted the last bit about chocolate, to post something that addressed beans & rice month, because I obviously didn't finish. You’ll have to forgive me – both for eating chocolate before I told you about it and also for not finishing beans & rice month the way I expected that I would. I’ve been delaying telling you about it, partially because I wonder if you'll stop being my friend, and mostly because of self-inflicted-toldyouso’s.

the explanation: As it turns out, my body doesn’t do well on only beans & rice. It does so poorly, in fact, that I ended up rushing to the doctor’s office in a panic by day eight (not even because I’m a hypochondriac, but because the three friends I bounced symptoms off of all said to go to the doctor!!!). I went to the doctor, the doctor’s eyes widened a very noticeable amount, tests have been ordered, and now I await my results. In the meantime, I’m back to eating a normal diet: every meal of the day, and for all my snacks, too. And yes, I even eat chocolate on occasion.

This is the disclaimer, and the most important part: I still haven’t spent any extra money on groceries, which means I can still send money to hungry people! I had a budgeted amount on “day one” that I would set aside to give away, and I’m happy to say that the money is still intact! I have been able to eat using what was already in my house, what my friends have fed me, and the reasonable grocery budget I had allotted before I began. This was – to me – the most important part of this “beans & rice” project. I certainly psyched myself up about the food side the day before we started…but by the end of day one I knew (no…I knewww) I would not be riding this month out as I had hoped. So I changed my priorities: eat normally, but send the money.

I’m working on the administration of sending it (communicating with the organization, signing up for paypal, etc), and have that budgeted number sitting patiently in my bank account, ready to be sent to a place that needs it more. So while I do apologize for not finishing (can one apologize for health problems? hmm), I also am going to not apologize for starting. It was a sobering experience, I learned my lesson, and also got re-acquainted with my doctor. Good things all around.

For those who are curious, I’m sending my money to God’s Little Angels – an orphanage in Haiti. I’ll do a write-up on this later!

( may have gotten wind of this "FAIL" through recent posts, I've been trying to ease the news in gently)

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Margaret said...

Hmm, I am really curious about these crazy symptoms you've experienced, but totally understand if you don't want to make them public knowledge.