Wednesday, March 3, 2010

so hungry.

Well, had you any doubts that a steady diet of beans&rice would be challenging, let me reassure you that it is most definitely a difficult undertaking, in more ways than one. At the end of day one, I was almost in tears I was so hungry and I was physically exhausted – I could actually feel my energy slipping quickly onto the floor. I promptly decided (since I had it in my fridge anyway, and it’ll go bad if I don’t eat it) to add cheese to my daily menu of beans & rice & veggies. Cheese has never tasted so good. Day two left me wondering how long it would take for my body to get used to this. You wouldn’t think so, but my body noticed the diet change in less than 36 hrs. I’ll leave it at that; details are probably unnecessary. I got to see Bonnie last night though, and found comfort in knowing that she was having as hard of a time as I was with this change, in as many ways as I was. We laughed as she recounted seeing pinapple at a community event and panicking when someone else went to eat the last piece (we’re allowed fruit, it’s okay). We shocked ourselves at how quickly we felt the change and we each spoke our mind about what we've learned: already. We then made a pact to allow ourselves a few hors d’œuvres at the party – she enjoyed a piece of bruschetta and I downed a chicken skewer appy like it would be my last meal on earth.

Beans&Rice month, you win. You’ve proven your point. This is a horrible, horrible way to live
…..can I go home now?


Anonymous said...

absolutely hilarious! If you do this again, I want to do it too. I've actually been thinking about this alot the last couple of days, and just got back from buying a few bags of dried beans. I'm prepping myself to do it next year, if I'm back in Van. Just think of Daniel, Shad, Rack and Benny who did something sort of similar before the Babylon king... maybe you'll start looking better than everyone else who eats richer foods.

Anonymous said...

A poem for you: (it may sound familiar)

"I do not like brown beans and rice,
I do not like them filled with lice.

I do not like them soaked or fried
I do not like boiled or dried.

I do not like them warm or cold,
I do not like them filled with mold.

I do not like them here or there,
I do not like them ANYWHERE.

My tummy hurts, I smell so bad;
but I am blessed I can't be mad...

My stomach is full, my house is warm,
I'm safe and loved and have so much more...

...than most...

You are amazing,

Jody Defries

Colin and Evelyn Kroeger said...

Oh poor Ashley and Bonnie, I'm so proud of you girls. I love refried beans and rice but only twice a month, and with Tacos! 36 hours hey? Oh dear!

Bonnie said...

I'm hoping to have turned the tides on the bad names beans and rice have given Ash and I...tonight I made vegetarian Chili with beans beans beans and more beans, then I made a Rice,salsa & bean casserole topped it off with cheese..oh blessed cheese!!!

Note; I have eaten more veggies/fruit in the last three days then I have in the last three months combined.....I'm that hungry...Ash said I looked a tad thinner than usual tonight.....Yeah that would be amazing...not that I'm doing this for that, just an added bonus!

I am being taught alot thru this....Thank heavens I have you Ash to do it with me.....