Sunday, February 28, 2010

what you want for Christmas

Dear friends, may I present to you:

The Head Massager that looks like a Whisk, but is not a Whisk and is actually a Head Massager.*

Each little knob is magically formulated to remove stress nodules from the brain and several muscle groups.
To describe it in a word would be inappropriate (right, Alisha?), especially if there are any father-in-laws or polite-and-propers reading this. So instead I will say that you have never in your life felt anything so… soo… so tingly. Sensational. Delicious.

Yes, you want one for Christmas.

...or your birthday, or mother's day, or your anniversary - whichever comes first.

*Warning: may cause temporary euhporia. Users may be unable to focus or participate in conversation or the general goings-on in the space around them while Whisk-like Head Massager is in use.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Ashley, you are hilarious. I hope you don't mind me tweeting this. That first sentence is highly tweetable. I would have cited you if I it wasn't for that 140 character limit.

alvina g(ee) said...

lol - nope I don't mind :) thanks Rick!