Thursday, April 8, 2010

second hand

I can hear the second hand
pulsing through my life;
marking off the moments with a cold unyeilding knife.

It rushes not but marches steady onward just the same.
walk. sit. talk. sip. click. time. frame.

The ruler's made to measure and the drum to call us out,
but the second hand was made beyond a shadow of a doubt
to keep the rhythm.

to walk us home.

to guard our actions.

until they're gone.

The second hand makes no excuse for those who pay no heed.
It knows not what you want from life;
it knows not what you need.

And though we cannot bend the hand of One so bent to move,
we know that we still have a choice
to live the life we choose.

Time is not short for anyone, nor longer for one man.
We've all been given just the same:
one life, one second hand.

© afterthoughtcomposer


alisha said...

Ashley, I love this! Very clever and insightful. Mmm, I LOVE your writing!!

Colin and Evelyn said...

That was beautiful Ashley. Thanks for sharing.