Wednesday, April 21, 2010

an update on my running shoes

With only two and a half weeks left until the Sun Run, I have to admit I’m still largely unprepared to kick ass (like I had hoped I would). I will finish, but that’s about as close to Awesome as I’ll get. On my run yesterday I decided to start timing myself. I waited for the minute on my cell phone to change – 5:27 – and then started moving faster down the boardwalk. I thought I should try to run for three minutes, and then take a walking break. “Yah, that’s a great plan” I said satisfactorily. After what felt like a decade, I glanced at my phone again… “That’s odd,” I said to myself, “It still says 5:27. Is my phone brok..” 5:28. Ooh, I see, I’m just a pathetic runner. Gotchya.

I kept at it though, and ran for two full minutes. This was the rough pattern I continued for the next 30 minutes: run until I’m ten years older, watch desperately for the minute on my clock to change, walk for two minutes. So I may not be a marathon runner yet, but I’m certainly improving – it wasn’t too long ago that I couldn’t even run for 30 seconds in a row. Imagine how good I’d be if I was diligent and ran as often as I said I would? Hmm. Intriguing thought.

I think there’s still time to sign up for the Sun Run, for those of you who are interested. My mom is coming down to walk it (yay mom!) and my sister and her broken foot will cheer us over the finish line.

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