Friday, May 14, 2010

God is on my ceiling.

Do you think that, perhaps, it is okay to ask Big Questions? Like maybe the little ones don't do any good, and eventually a "but nobody ever asks this" question is the only one that applies?  Do I become a heretic?

If I've been educated one way, and told one story, can I still look around to make sure I am truly Faithful and not just Naive? If I have been commanded (and then reprimanded) to stay inside the Black Box or the White Box ONLY, can I still venture in to gray...on occasion? Do I lose my religion, my Self, or my standing in a community when I do this? Or are Grace's hands still big enough to hold me while I test out the different colors.

I can't ignore the Bigness of Life; it is everywhere I go. It is in the eyes of my neighbor, my coworker, my supposedly-lesser-friend. I can't reduce the size of someone's worth simply because they don't believe the same things I do, just as I can't reduce the value of asking a Question no one else wants you to ask.

Maybe this is not the place to ask or put my foot down in the asking.
But what I've found, as of late, is that there is no safe place to set the sole while asking those Big Questions.
Except maybe in my room, on my bed, to a God-graced ceiling.

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anita said...

You put the thoughts I didn't even know I was thinking into words. (I feel eloquent by proxy :)