Saturday, May 15, 2010

stationary religion

On Monday, mid-morning, at work, I noticed something odd. Posted to my cubicle wall was a little yellow post-it note with a handwritten message. I did not write this message, and I don’t have that particular color of post-it note, so you can imagine my surprise. This mysteriously anonymous note was instructional: visit (this website) for an “alternative, natural view of the world.”

I wasn’t sure if it was a joke (a new funny website to pass time!?), but I obviously had to see what it was about. I opened a new window, typed in the address, and was taken to a forum of sorts; a website built and maintained to offer support to those who do not believe in the supernatural (God, etc).


After I read through some of the main portions of the site and did my best to understand where they were coming from, I closed the window and started to wonder more seriously who had written this secret message… and why. Do they know I believe in God? They might; they probably do; I don’t hide it. In an office of nearly 300 employees, I’m pretty sure most of the ones who know me would assume that I probably abide by some kind of “rule”. At least, this is my hope. So maybe this person knows where I stand; maybe they think I’m na├»ve to put my faith in something I can’t see; hence, the post-it. 

Fair enough.

I had a brief moment of panic, where I wondered it maybe I guard myself so closely that instead of looking faithful I look faithless; that instead of looking found, I seem lost.


After much thought, I posted my own little note in the place of the one there written. It reads “Thanks, but I’ve seen too much in the supernatural to ignore that it exists.” And then I put a little smiley face. And then I signed my name. No reply to date, although I think I'd rather have a reply via-conversation than a conversation via post-it.

Since my note is still on my cubicle wall I’ve had the chance to read it a few times. I’ve decided that to a person who doesn’t believe in anything supernatural, I sound like a crazy person. I think I am okay with this.

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