Saturday, May 1, 2010

the temporary fix

I recently commented that running by the ocean can create temporary euphoria, and it's true. I can honestly say that as hard as it's been to get my body up to speed, I have fallen in love with my twice weekly routine of hitting the pavement; beachside.

My original goal for this morning was to get up and go for a run at 9am. But like many a Saturday before this one, getting up that early seemed entirely criminal. So I stayed in bed, and slept for another hour. I then ate a delicious breakfast of 5% plain yogurt with juicy mangoe chunks and Kashi crunch cereal (and I also downed two breakfast tacos, handmade by my awesome roommate). With fuel in my belly, I considered again the thought of heading to the boardwalk. But then I reckoned that I could use that energy in a better way: bra shopping. I was right; it was a successful trip (is it inappropriate to mention right here how bittersweet it is to buy an adorable bra that no one will ever see? Yes, it is inappropriate? Okay, I'll say nothing).

Finally, around 2 o'clock, I went for a run (*cough* ...wog). I am proud to say that it was the best run of my short lived running career, and the high of my accomplishment lasted me all afternoon. I managed to not only get in quite a few hills, I jogged for eleven minutes - straight! Yah you read that right baby....eleven a row! My sister suggested that might equal two whole kilometers! Ah, yes.

One week until the Sun Run, and I'm kind of sort of almost feeling ready.


Elena said...

I LOVE running beside water too!!!

afterthoughtcomposer said...

I know! It is the best ever - I don't have an ipod so I get to listen to the waves....ah!