Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dear Brain; a letter of appeal.


Dear Brain,

I would like to request that we at least discuss when you decide to go on hiatus. These surprise “memory blanks” and occasional “space out” sessions are getting quite disruptive and embarassing. Stop blaming Age. Do your own damn work.

your owner.



Hoola said...

O my gosh - I was trying to figure out who Brian was super confusing and I was concerned for you as I was trying to figure out who the jerk was taking advantage. It's kinda funny (I laughed out loud when I realized) - but now I'm just concerned for my dyslexia.....and think I may need to write my own letter...."Dear Dyslexia"

afterthoughtcomposer said...

haha! Do it!! :)

Mama said...

Awesome. How is it that I have the same problem? Could it be because I'm your Mother?

Anonymous said...

bahaha you kill me. love it!