Monday, September 13, 2010

the girl who cried marathon

Remember this?

Awkward grin.
Collar tug.

Yah…that is SO not happening. I haven’t been training or thinking about it at all. In fact, the last time I went for a run was July 15th (after my successful July 1st 10k). In between then and now, the only other “run” I did was on a quiet street in Edmonton to avoid the sudden rain. You know what I’ve done instead though, to make up for my lack of jogging / desire to commit suicide-via-long-distance; I’ve registered for a Pilates class, starting this Thursday. Ten sessions. Ninety bucks. Not bad.

I know what you’re thinking, “Pilates is the exact opposite of a Marathon.” …and I suppose that’s true, if you insist on counting up the score card that way. But something about the once weekly, hour long stretch & strengthening on a gym mat seems so much more appealing and healing than jogging through a city under pressure.

And, I’ve signed up for it. Paid for it even. Registered my name. This means I can’t change my mind, or blog about the idea and then crawl back a few months later to sheepishly confess my commitment issues.

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Mama said...

You'll love it. I've been running quite regularly until recently and I am one of "them."