Thursday, September 16, 2010

letters to Leah

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Dear Leah,

Well, it is the morning of my birthday...or I suppose I could just say IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. People keep asking me what my big plans are. "For my life!?" I feel like responding. How could I care about cake when I have my WHOLE LIFE ahead of me? ...Really, I'm sure I don't mean that. I have always been a HUGE fan of birthdays (read: my birthday) and I don't plan to change that any time soon.

People are so damn negative about getting older. It's frusterating. It's like the same as those women who gab on and on about the HORRORS of childbirth and then immediately ask why you haven't had kids yet. Like there's some special club you get to join when you've done it, that you get to whine a lot and then belittle those "less experienced" than you. That is one club I have NO desire to be in.

I also refuse to join the "growing older is the shits" club. I LIKE GROWING UP. Sure, my ass is starting to jiggle and I have more gray hair than any of the other 27yr olds I know... but I also know more than I did last year & I am exponentially cooler by default. I have laughed enough to gain another faded (but growing) laugh line. So you see? Growing older isn't bad at all. What other excuse do we have to release our adolescent inhibitions and misconcieved notions about beauty, strength, and the way a naked body should look? NONE.

Age: it's better than everyone says it is.


Anonymous said...

I love you.
I miss you.
I'm glad we write letters.
Also, I wish you could come to my birthday party.
If even just to see the leather pants...

Mama said...

Happy Birthday! And I love this, it's so true. Babies are so worth the birth part, I never understood those pinheads that got a thrill about telling their "horror stories" to young women having their first.

anita said...

It's 11:38pm so technically I'm not too late. And I do have the alibi of not knowing you long enough yet. So why did I choke on my apple when I realized you were talking about YOUR birthday?! Maybe because you're amazing and wonderful and every atom of you is worth celebrating? Needless to say, your day is now penned in red ink in my calendar. You're not getting off so easy next year.