Tuesday, September 28, 2010

naptime wins again

If I’ve learned anything this month, it’s that self medication is a silly idea. Self-care, self-maintenance, and regular healthy diet practices are good, but sometimes all you need is a good, strong, mildly expensive antibiotic. Tea, vitamins, salad; they’re alright, but they aren’t drugs! Yes I said it: drugs are good. As I’ve gone throughout the past few weeks marvelling at how lethargic I’ve been, and how very under the weather, not once did I stop to say “it’s because you are trying to combat diseases without help, you significantly harsh brand of loser.” Not to worry though, I finally said that to myself yesterday, once I got proper medication in my system and instantly noticed changes inside my swelling head organs. This is all too much information, isn’t it. But I felt I needed to write something after my silence, and I guess in some way this is an explanation for that silence; seeing as I could hardly move all week (not unless you count “curling up in fetal position and falling asleep” or “wandering aimlessly throughout the house”). But I am back I think, or I should be. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Despite my lethargy, I came to discover a few more life plans that I am actually quite excited about. I had a whole list of creative projects lined up already, and now after so much thinking and napping and moving slowly, I’ve added quite a few more. In short, I am about to become the most hands-on-creative person you know. I’ll be dabbling in quite a few areas of the arts. More than likely, I will realize that I am good at none of them. But knowing me and my wildly liberating ability to start things, I won’t mind that my talent levels are less than below-average. I will probably be too busy blabbing excitedly that I painted a picture to notice that the shapes on my canvas are unrecognizable, at best; and I know less about my other ideas than I do about painting, which is likely going to make for a very interesting winter.


Mama said...

You're hilarious. Get better before we get there. Hurry.
Your so talented, I wouldn't worry about how your paintings turn out. I can't wait to see.

Hoola said...

This is a great post. Really, thanks for sharing. You are really talented and totally creative, you've insipired me to carry on because of your art. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

for a sick person, complaining is not what you do. I didn't even kow you were under the weather! Your art is fabulous, not even close to untalented. ~Kara

Mama said...

Listen to those of us who love you.

Pieter Goossens said...

I totally disagree with the "less than below-average"-part. And I haven't even followed you for that long :) Go Ashley!