Sunday, September 5, 2010



No matter how good the home life, leaving for vacation always feels remedial and necessary. No matter how good the vacation, coming home always feels like a welcome hug. Before I left for my two week adventure, I was frantic, nervous, and overexposed to the trials of thinking outside a very tiny box. But I am happy to say I am no longer so uncomfortable in my own diplomatic, overanalytical skin. Elusive pause button? I found you, you wandering snob. And now that I've found you, I feel like you're mine; like I own you, and get to keep you as a shield over my daily routine.

I like vacations.


Mama said...

We all need way more vacations. So good to have you back. I miss you like always.

Anonymous said...

as always, love your writing. LOVE that photo!!

Bonnie said...

Yeah Glad your back! Love also love the photo and the outfit! Is it new? ps. Hair looks awesome!

Mama said...

Yes, by the way, the photo is fabulous! Just
like out of a magazine.

afterthoughtcomposer said...

thanks all! Bonnie - yes the shirt and jeans are new but the jacket's an old fave!

Colleen Taylor said...

I wondered where you were after the Kensington post. Of course, I knew where you were the day after Kensington, but after seeing me, I couldn't find you. But here you are again. And I see you've been a busy little poster -- 3 to catch up on!