Monday, September 20, 2010

word 2 y'all


I was reminiscing tonight & came across a rather old memory. The memory consisted of four dudes singing a capella in their overall-shorts and backwards hats. The church floor beneath my feet was bending as we jumped. I was in the front row, right beside the stage (!) and falling desperately in love; my first "celebrity" crush. I was 8 or 9, and it was my first concert ever: Rhythm & News. Remember them?

Oh, the early 90's. You were so...ambiguous, style-less, and are currently good for a laugh. That being said, I still appreciate a capella, and I'm assuming my young fascination with this group is partially responsible. I used to kiss their oversized poster sometimes before going to bed. Uh. No I didn't.


Anonymous said...

They sang happy birthday to me at Westwood Church, probably my 13th or 14th. The concert was finished and we were in the foyer, most people had left and someone told them (I think) that it was my birthday. So they came over and sang to me, it was very cool!! Soon after I went on the road for a weekend as a roadie with a group that was helping them do some shows up north. It was cool at the time.

anita said...

They were the only tape we had for a 13 hour road trip one prairie winter. Yeah, 13 hours is a LOT of Rhythm & News. Plus a friend of mine was dating Brad Strelau at the time so I was practically their BFF... even though we never met. I got a lot of mileage out of our close connection.

Natasha said...

I admit that there is a tape lying around my parents house of the group. They were actually the feature band at a youth convention I went to along time ago.

Mama said...

I really like this song. I wish I'd been there for your Birthday song, Kara, I don't remember that.