Monday, October 18, 2010

everything is beautiful

Thanks to my amazing job, I was able to attend Splash 2010 this past Saturday - a fundraiser for Arts Umbrella. Arts Umbrella is a not-for-profit society for visual and performing arts for children based in Vancouver. The fundraiser was arts based - with both a live auction and a silent auction of some wonderful art pieces by a number of artists. The event was held at Granville Island and was like nothing I've ever been able to attend before. Beautiful setup, beautiful people, beautiful cause.

Many of you know by now that I've decided to try sharpening this as-of-yet-neglected artistic bone of mine. So far, I've spent countless hours daydreaming; honing not the skills but the confidence and the drive to actually do it. My evening at Splash proved to be remarkably inspiring and incredibly well timed. Not only was I surrounded by fabulous art, I was in a room filled with artists; the paintings were not only wonderful to look at, but they were clear examples of what happens when Art meets Dedication.

My mom's natural abilities with paper, paint and canvas spilled over in many ways to me and my sisters, and as such, I grew up with a critical eye for color, shape, and design. Without conscious effort, I am constantly analyzing the visual appeal of the paintings, drawings, and art-pieces I come across on a daily basis. But, my word, I have never before visited a gallery. And here I was; surrounded by art that was worth...a lot more than I ever thought art could be worth. So, while I didn't necessarily like all of the paintings, it is hard to deny the skillset and talent of someone who has clearly taken the art world by storm (as was the case a few times).

Much to my delight, the pieces from both the live and silent auctions are all available for viewing online, although I do say that there is no justice here when compared to seeing the pieces live. The size of the canvas and the depth of the colors is hardly the same in a photograph as it is in real life. Regardless, here below are a few of my favorite pieces from the evening; ones which, were I a well established financier, I may have purchased myself.

This piece by Carole Arnston was absolutely exquisite in person, with bold, vibrant
colors and obvious emotional connection. Definitely one of my favorites.
Visit for more of her work.
This painting by Suzanne Northcott may look simple at its outset, but upon closer
inspection you would notice the immense amounts of articulate skill it took to create this.
This one was definitely a close second for personal favorite, and was one of the highest
grossing sellers; it was very popular with the guests. In fact, it was the only piece to more
than double its worth at auction. Go to to see more of her work.
Another piece that looks simple until you look closer....see that?? That's FOG.
And tree branches, and incredibly accurate depth of field. That deserves a "wow."
Quite lovely in person, very accessible to the viewer which I like, and very obviously a
work that took time and talent. Painting by Richard Cole; visit for more;
he is very, very good!

Mixed media was a form that showed up on quite a few pieces, although this one
was definitely the most captivating piece in that genre. The details and depth
are impossible to see via photograph, but you'll just have to trust me on this one;
in person, it's quite captivating. By Andre Petterson, visit and find
his name on the left hand menu.

This work by Glenn Payan was one of the pieces I liked more the longer I looked at it.
Love the stylistic nature of his work - very unique and full of character.
Check out for more of his stuff.

Another mixed media piece, this time by Angela Grossman. Here's an excerpt
from her website: "While still a student at Emily Carr College (now Institute) of Art
and Design in 1985, Angela Grossmann was introduced as one of the Vancouver
Art Gallery's "Young Romantic" painters most likely to influence the course of painting
in that decade." Very cool. Visit to see more.

Although nearly impossible to see here in a photo of it, this painting is actually
quite remarkable in person. The lighting is untouchable, and the colors are vibrant and
inviting. Ross Penhall had made a name for himself in the art world and it is not hard
to see why. Visit - gorgeous!
To see more of the art that was available at the live auction, and find out more about Arts Umbrella, go here.


Mama said...

Thanks for posting these, they're beautiful. I'm trying hard to be inspired...but then, my beautiful children have always inspired amaze me...I think I've told you that before.

Marisa Midori said...

Sounds like a great event! Some of my favourite local artists in the auction :)

anita said...

Mmmm, I'm loving this current journey of yours.
I'd give any of the pieces a home on my wall, but those first two... niiiiiice.