Wednesday, October 13, 2010

new methodology

I was at the nail salon this evening getting a manicure; a decision I made only hours beforehand while I tried to pass the last slow hours of the day. My nails are short, because I'm bad at leaving them alone (is there a polite way to say "I bite my nails" ? No? Alright then). The theory I came up with this afternoon was that if they look pretty, I won't want to touch them; that my perfectionist bent towards clean edges and solid blocks of color will turn into something good, on behalf of my poor little hands.

My nail technician sat down and, in one of my favorite accents to listen to, said, "Ooooh! Shawt!" and got to work right away, not looking up to my face for the next 10 minutes or so.

Do you ever get that feeling that people are talking about you? I get that feeling whenever I visit my nail salon. The first time I got a pedicure there, my technician kept tapping my foot as she chatted with the lady next to her in Chinese. This time around, there were three women coming over on a regular basis to look at my hands and lecture my nail tech.

What do the Chinese people think of me??

Needless to say, I've added "frequent visits to spa" to my list of routine habits. It's all a part of my new methodology.

this not my hand. but it could be my hand. maybe later.
ps. you should buy me this ring.


Sharelle said...

I am also going for a manicure/pedicure this week.

They're pretty addicting once you get started. I know I am addicted when I am unwilling to take off my own nail polish because I figure they will do it when I get my next pedicure. Oh shoot, did I just admit that out loud.

Something about seeing your own nails expect better, it's just so alluring. I don't think we're allowed this addiction at 26 :)

Sharelle said...

your own nails "EXCEPT better". not that i expect better of myself with better nails.

but maybe I should.

afterthoughtcomposer said...

Love it. You know that spelling error is oddly fitting, considering that my "new methodology" is to expect different (better) things. So there you go :)
Let's go together sometime. It'll be nice to have a fellow addict beside me.