Monday, October 4, 2010

(read it!)

After a rather lengthy hiatus, I picked up where I left off in Donald Miller’s book Searching for God Knows What. I stopped reading it only to accommodate my August Roadtrip to Friendville. When I got back from resting I realized that I really liked resting and decided to put more of it (rest) into my daily routine. And because when you stop it is impossible to start again, I soon found that I could hardly muster the energy it would take to stir coffee – crashing and burning will do that to a girl – but! have no fear. Now that I have settled into a balanced life of sorts, where I am collecting all 9 of my nightly hours and eating my three squareds and enjoying plenty of time to myself, my desire to read has come back. So I started in again with Don, on my lunch break today, over coffee (which I now have plenty of energy to stir).

I may have mentioned it before, but this book is quite incredible and I really think you should pick it up and read it. Even if you don’t adhere to the Christian faith or believe in Jesus or consider yourself spiritual (or however you want to phrase it), I still think you should give it a go. But promise me this: if you start it, finish it. I say that only because what I read today had me bursting from the inside with agreement, and that particular chapter is nearer to the end…so because I want you to read that chapter too, you should just read the whole thing.

When I am finished with it I will do my best to summarize my favourite parts…and try not to quote the whole book in it’s entirety. This will prove a difficult task, as I have already used up a large amount of highlighter in each section. In the meantime, get yourself a copy and that way, when I’m done and writing about it, you’ll have something to say in the comments section.


alisha said...

Oh man, Ash, I totally started this one a few months ago and haven't finished it... If only I weren't currently reading 8000 psychology textbooks, I'd pick it up again :) I'm excited to hear your thoughts about it. Don Miller never disappoints!

Lindsey said...

I think Searching for God Knows What is my favourite of all Don's books. Although, To Own a Dragon is a close tie for first.

Side note: My copy of Searching for God Knows What must be vintage, it's not as cool looking as the picture you have up there.

Another side note: Being American, I am so excited that I got to use the word "favourite"... and spell it that way:)