Monday, October 25, 2010

SHOUT OUT – that old adage…

Way back in the beginning of time, I began posting something called “SHOUT OUT!”s. They were odes to local inventors; artists, musicians, and the like. I was so ambitious, I boldly claimed that I would post one “every Monday!” and I even asked for suggestions. And then, because I have the ability to blip through seven months of Mondays without really noticing (the gift of time travel? Sadly, no), the SHOUT OUTs and the joy that came with them ceased. My apologies to my apologies to my apologies.

So today’s post (and it’s even Monday! Can you believe it!) is a L.O.N.G. awaited SHOUT OUT; one I’ve even mentioned from time to time (for those with a keen eye, you might have noticed the self-loathing notes at the bottom of the occasional post?). This was a reader suggestion from my friend Bailey. She was engaged at the time, loved her photos & photographer, and asked me to mention her in an upcoming SHOUT OUT. I think that was a long time ago. Because not only is Bailey married to that person she was engaged to, she has been married for awhile. Good gracious. (okay I counted, and it really has been only seven months since she asked...not the year I expected. Pride point? Hmm...)

So anyway! Onward and upward. Here is the much awaited, much prolonged SHOUT OUT for Carolyn Egerszegi Photography.
Like any good photographer, the pictures speak for themselves - so I won't comment on every one (tempting as it is!). However, I love this first one. One day I will be in a picture this whimsical. Just you wait! Balloons in photos rock my world - but this one in particular is adorable is! I like everything about it - the framing, the simple color scheme, and the clever idea.


Oh, the gorgeousness.

This next one is a shot of the rings on the morning of their wedding. Andrew sent Bailey a letter to read before she got ready that day. HELLO. I know you don't really need them anymore Andy, but you scored major points for this one. Also, this photo is awesome (I am a writer. Am I biased because the rings are sitting on words? Maybe). Creative ring shots are hard to come by - this one definitely fits the bill!

Beautiful moments to capture. Bailey - you are so expressive!

It feels like I haven't done enough justice to Carolyn, only posting six photos. But her clean style and eye for color made me want to post a lot more and I easily could have posted a LOT more. So instead let me give you this: her blog address. Make sure to check her out if you are looking for a photographer!

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Bailey's Brides said...

Oh too cute!!! Im sure Carolyn will love this. I will be sure to forward her your link! :)