Monday, November 1, 2010

brother husbands

Having never seen the show (but knowing and understanding the premise), here is a rough review of TLC's latest voyeristic exploration, Sister Wives.


I am now accepting applications for Brother Husbands. That's right, I want 4 husbands. I want 4 men, 4 incomes, 4 volunteers to take out the garbage on Thursday mornings and 4 weather-resistant, muscle-bound dudes to shovel my walk, change my tires and move heavy objects around the house. I would like 4, so that there'll be 4 attractive gentlemen buying me flowers on Valentine's Day, taking me on romantic getaways and sending me love notes at the office. Each husband gets to buy me as much pretty jewellery to secure our relationship as he so chooses. I will stay home and make cookies for all my 4 husbands while they're at work earning the money to pay for our huge, childless, elaborately decorated home.

Role reversal proves the point, I think. If it's rediculous for me to do it, it's rediculous. Although, on second thought...this is starting to sound like a good idea. Any rich, attractive men out there willing to be a brother husband? Contact information available upon request.


Abbi said...

I almost spewed my drink out of my nose reading this! Well put!! LOL!

Mama said...

Hahaha. Holly & I decided against our better judgement to watch that dopey show once. I just about threw up in my mouth. Clearly, someone has cornered the market on arrogance.
....and I'll be on the lookout, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

a.k.a. you want to be the next bachlorette?
hahaha--love the comparison!!


Natalie said...

Ha ha. You crack me up. But quite honestly I think you're dreaming if you think you'll end up with 4 attractive men to do all these such things. However, by having 4, you stand a much better chance to end up with at least one who will excel in each of the getaway, love note, jewellry buying areas. Good thinking ;)