Monday, November 8, 2010



Happiness is:
thinking you have a purse full of mini chocolate bars to get you through the afternoon.

Desperation is:
realizing that you only had one, and you ate it on the way to work this morning.


Bonnie said...

You were thinking about my purse.....dang it all, I've got all those chocolate bars you threw in there on friday! ha ha ha! Love yah! Also I made dessert for Ya tonight well Carissa and I did, and its amazing I should save some out for you....anything Carissa touches is Gold i think you'll like it!

Mama said...

I can totally relate. It's distrssing to have one's taste buds all lined up in wait only to be disappointed.

Mama said...

You should have corrected my typo, haha. Normally I'm the Typo Queen....arg.