Tuesday, November 9, 2010

hypochondria deferred


If you are going to insist on being a paranoid delusionist about your health problems, might I recommend you have a nurse for a sister? It really moves things along nicely. Plus: no Google required! No clinics, either. No line ups, wait times, or off-white-but-should-be-white button up shirts asking you personal questions in a dingy office. No forcefully speedy exits from the building. No old ladies coughing on your mouth. Instead, a pleasant voiced intelligent woman that will answer your hypochondriatic irrationalities near midnite with genuine care and helpful insight. Thanks to you, Lizann, I have downgraded my condition from “weeks left” to “semi-serious.”


Mama said...

You're adorable. Are you alright? How lovely of Lizann to help you out.

Julia Haiste said...

ha ha. toooo cute! I sometimes have the same problem. For me Self diagnosis IS DEFINITELY NOT the answer!