Saturday, November 20, 2010

snow-shovel stalker


Oh wait. I just realized that title sounds a lot creepier than it actually should. Ah well. For clarification: no I do not have a stalker that follows me around with a snow shovel (heebidee-jeebidee). I do, however, have a mysterious (read: creepy) neighbor that shows up whenever I shovel the driveway. Well...that might be a stretch. Here's what really happened:

Last winter, I shoveled the driveway; just once, mind you. The point is that while I was shoveling, a man walked up the street and we made eye contact (because that is just what you do with other humans), exchanged cursory "hello"'s, aaaaaannnd....he watched me shovel my driveway for the next forty-five minutes. As in, he walked twenty feet up the road, turned around, stood there and watched me.  I didn't tell him to leave, because what the crap are you supposed to say to creepy dudes who watch you shovel your driveway from twent feet away while you are alone at night?

(Mom, are you okay?)

So I had totally forgotten about that incident until this morning, when I was (you guessed it) shoveling my driveway...and he showed up again. I don't know for certain if it was the exact same guy, but it was the exact same situation. I exchanged a cursory hello with what I thought was a passing stranger, continued to shovel and hum a little diddy, only to notice a minute later that he was still there [insert: frantic violin music]. Twenty feet up the road again, dressed in black like last year, kicking his toe into the slush and eyeing me in a way that made me feel just a wee bit like an appetizer.

It's okay, I am still alive. I pretended I was finished shoveling and went inside the house for 15 minutes. When I went back out to finish the job, he was gone.

So tell me: do I have a magnet for stalkers and weird anonymous weirdos? I think I might.



Mama said...

Have you seen him other times?? Get your landlord to do it next time. You were out there in the dark?? No, I am not actually ok. I will keep praying as always, only for more angels than usual and instead of a hedge of protection, it will be a whole forest.

afterthoughtcomposer said...

:) hha...ya I wondered how you'd react to this post :) Last year was an emergency shovel because my car was freezing itself to the pavement. This year was in bright daylight - my landlord offered to when I asked for the shovel but I really wanted to work out! so I did! Nothing to worry about I don't think, but if I see him again I will call the po-lice.

Colin and Evelyn said...

This man is clearly looking for the kind of woman who would shovel his driveway, wash his black clothing and shine his shoes. Tell him to KEEP WALKIN'!

Sounds sketchy though, better to be on the safe side and stay alert during your comings and goings.