Saturday, November 20, 2010

summer break, snowstorm

Well, I am sitting in my room, curled up in my pjs, just a few insulated inches away from a mad snowstorm. Funny how that works eh; the weather is raging outside, and I am calmly cozy. I love the snow, am in love with the nature of it - the look and the feel and the sound it makes under my feet. In so many ways, it feels like starting over; it feels like rest; it feels like promise. Tomorrow's agenda: long walk on the beach in my winter boots.

Despite the fact that I love snow, I am about to post something quite ...July. This can be an escape back to summer for those of you who don't like the snow so much, and a musical reprieve for the rest of us! It's a music video for a song that has been racing up the Canadian music charts all year; racing so fast and strong that the song was recently named Best Pop Recording of the Year at the 2010 Western Canadian Music Awards.

...of course it's by Laurell!!
After some waiting, it's finally arrived!  - the music video for Can't Stop Falling.


Oh...before you watch, perhaps I should let you know: the more you watch & share this with your friends (who in turn watch & share it), the greater impact you will have on our lovely friend being nominated for/winning a JUNO. Yes that's right, you could help a local artist win a national award! Sweet deal.


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anita said...

Good vid! She looks great!! Is that her man?

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