Friday, December 31, 2010

looking forward: a glimpse at 2011

Here are some of my pre-thought-compositions for the coming year. They're not resolutions, and they're not even goals. Let's call them...ideas. Flexible habit changes. Worthy opponents.

Dolla Dolla Bill Yo: Well, in my neverending quest to not be a childish dork when it comes to money, I have decided to label 2011 "The Year of Frugality & Adulthood" - implying, of course, that the two are very clearly related. Here's hoping. Thankfully, Victoria over at The Fine Art of Frugality will be documenting her own journey to financial-betterness. You'll probably see the odd frantic comment from me throughout the year. Never underestimate the value of a support group.

Old Maid - for Cards Only: I decided a few months back that since I don't want to be alone at 40, I should probably get a move on with this whole "dating" thing (something I have previously avoided quite comfortably). So I joined a dating site, because quite frankly, my current sphere of influence is manly-man-less. Also, I'm kind of inept when it comes to flirting, and I'm not sure how else I'd meet someone. So, anyway, I'm still convincing myself it was a good idea to join - for the most part it's been a gigantic waste of energy - but, I digress. Because if I don't want to be alone at 40, then I need to have found someone by my 30's, which means that these final years of my 20's should be spent more on figuring out if I want what people tell me I'm supposed to want and less time wanting what I've already got. Right? Oh! And before I forget: no I do not want to date your cousin/brother/coworker/friend. Let's just save ourselves that awkward conversation before it begins.

The End: If you've figured anything out by reading my blog, it's likely been that I am excellent at starting things, and quite distracted from finishing things. So, in 2011, I am going to finish something. One of my books, poetry or otherwise, or that sewing project, or that picture I started to draw once. It'll be something. I'm just not sure what that is yet.

Updates to follow.


Mama said...

As far as the "cousin/brother/coworker/friend" idea is concerned, do keep in mind that your Dad & I were introduced by two people who thought we would be great for each other....a blind date....and the rest is best friend, four fabulous daughters, wonderful sons-in-law and a stunning granddaughter. So, never underestimate the God given talent of those who love you for perhaps, possibly being correct about who might be the right person for you. Just sayin'.

I need those lessons on frugality, although I am frugal in some areas, haha.

And I do apologize for passing on the "I don't know how to finish things" thing. I'm trying to improve in that area myself.

Anonymous said...

I know what you said but I hear my coworkers cousins friends brother is available in case you're interested ;). He goes by Fabio0837 on Plenty of Fish ;).

double wink. ;);)

you're awesome ashley.


Victoria said...

I know four married, happy couples who met over the internet. It's unorthodox. But becoming less so. I wish you the absolute loviest love story of all.