Wednesday, December 29, 2010

love and the importance of poetry

Illustration by Warwick Goble to The Juniper Tree

From Anita, to Ashley: "Everyday, Wordpress highlights random blogs on their "Freshly Pressed" home page. A few days ago there was this one blog that has since been set to private and can't be accessed anymore. It's a blog that this guy set up to write his new wife (as of August) a year's worth of love poems...these poems are the ones I managed to "rescue" looking through cached pages."

365 Love Poems for My New Wife

At age 51 I met the woman I had been looking for since I was 15. On August 20, 2010, we became husband and wife. To celebrate, I intended to write her a poem a day for a year. However, we’re much too busy for that; so I will write a poem as often as I can, until I have come up with a year’s worth.  I make no promises about the quality of these poems. I write them very quickly, usually early in the morning, with little to no editing. If you are not my wife and are just here browsing, welcome! If you read something you like, feel free to copy, forward, link – whatever. Send them to the love of your life or, better yet, take inspiration and write something from your own heart.  If you don’t like them, thanks for coming by anyway.

If you ARE my wife, I hope you enjoy the site. I owe you everything.

From, to his wife: Reflection

I picture myself standing
with guys
you know the kind: flannel shirts, pine
paneling, brown bottles held in front
like incense burners, offerings to
the sacred circle of
small talk

How’s the new wife they ask
as though I’d gotten a new
service or appliance

Great I answer
she still has that new wife smell
which all guys appreciate

And I know they’re generally
not worth it
but I got the extended warranty
with this one

Just like consumer reports recommends

What I would never tell
this circle of stale American beer
is that I lay next to you
and see our future
your face looks as it will
in twenty years
lined, and framed with gray hair

And what moves me is its utter

and I should have answered
that you are crazy
in the real, clinical sense
and that underlying that
is such a swelling of kindness
and compassion that it
can’t stay in the moment

the future
an eternity of possibilities
cannot contain it
my new wife I tell them
is so beautiful
I can see
her reflection
20 years in the future

From Ashley, to Anita: ...melting. I wonder how we could get invited? [to read]

From, to his wife: Tao Says

Tao says
what makes a bowl useful
is the emptiness

I look at my bed
and think
Tao was never in love

From Ashley, to Anita: I want to be in love like that – full bowled and poem written.

From his wife:

by Janette

“who is coming for the after-party to help you clean up?”
asks my daughter

well, it’s you and me, babe
and what a glorious morning
to work side by side
a timeless, sheltered space
of togetherness and peace

well, it’s just me now,
you are napping,
a timeless, sheltered space
of slurping afternoon quietude
waiting for you to come back
to smell persimmons and chilis

From Anita, to Ashley (and from me to you): Wishing you full-bowled and poem-written love for 2011 and beyond.

From me to you, again:
...Does anyone know how to get invited to a secret wordpress blog? I wanna read more of these.


Mama said...

So lovely.

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

anita said...

(*snicker*). And so my 2010 finishes with a touch of famous - thank you. :) My wish for you stands.