Monday, January 10, 2011

high point: by the letter

As I mentioned earlier, I have made it a goal this year to pick at least one “high point” each day, every day, until 2011 concludes. What it’s turned into is this: my Android phone and me, taking pictures: a delicious meal, a quiet afternoon by the ocean. Actual note taking is a bit more laborious, and while I have started a journal to document the high notes, the journal is quite sparse; and I expect this trend to continue. Likely, the slower moments of my year will be documented via camera phone, and supplemented by the occasional one line entry in my dayplanner. Already I can tell you that the habit has settled in quite nicely and that I likely won’t be quitting this December 31st as planned, but rather, will continue for years to come…so long as I have an on-hand camera and a slow enough schedule to stop and take a picture.

(…I hope I always have an on hand camera and the subconscious intent to pause.)

The dichotomy is, of course, that once I start trying to pick the best moment of my day, choosing just one becomes quite difficult. So difficult, in fact, that many days I have opted to take note of two or three, or I have guilt for picking one over the other. Despite this, and because of this, I am filled with anticipation for the year ahead. Have all my days been this noteworthy? I suppose they have; and, I suppose, it’s about time I started paying attention.

I might even extend the challenge to you: start taking note of the good moments (even on the bad days). The moments can be simple (a good meal), or irreplaceable (a perfect niece), or extravagant (surprise trips) – but no matter what “kind” of moment they are, they should still be noted.

Today, my high point is one of personal accomplishment: I have (at the ripe old age of 27), for the first time in my life, attempted and finished a crossword puzzle all by myself. With no help from Anita! Without the aid of Google! (yes, Anita knows more than Google, which is why I listed her first).

I even took a picture.



Anonymous said...

Ashley. I won a session with a life coach and she has me, for the next two weeks, writing down 10 things that made me happy that day. Its hard.I have done it one week already. I think the point of the exercise though is now i look for all the good things because i know i have to write them down later...and i find myself no longer noticing all the nasty things in my day :)

afterthoughtcomposer said...

very cool! It's funny how much I've seen my odd little practice start in the lives of others, too! Keep the habit!