Tuesday, January 11, 2011

running terms

I am craving a good run. Of course you know by now, “good run” is – in my mouth – a loose term at best. A more accurate description would be “vigorous walk”…but who’s counting.


I haven’t run since July of 2010 (almost 6 months ago to the day, actually) – so why the sudden urge? Was it the New Year switchover? My tightening pants? My BFFL inner thighs? Maybe this is an “all of the above” type scenario. Regardless, my running plans have been thwarted since January 1. Snow, rain, sleet, and intense Lower-Mainland-Darkness have been the culprits (and, of course, the occasional “it-is-way-too-sunny-to-go-running-because-my-sunglasses-broke-and-also-I’d-rather-watch-F.R.I.E.N.D.S” afternoon).

So what am I saying: I’m saying I might brave the weather today and go for my first jog of 2011. The Vancouver Sun Run is coming up again in a few months, and since I am planning to kick Last-Year-Me’s ass, I am feeling the need to practice; to get in, you know…what’s the word…shape.

Wink wink: As always, I am never opposed to running with a buddy
(so long as that buddy understands the Ashleyfied definition of the word “running”).

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