Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Drawn by Allie at hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com

Like you, there are a few stops I always make in my hop around the blogsphere. Even so, I am always keen to find a new blog to read/check, and know others who feel the same way. So, I thought it might be fun to start sharing things I like as I find them. Here are my latest & favoritest findings:

Unsaid, While You Were Angrily Cleaning Up Dinner 
by The Trouble With Poet.
This poem gave me heart sighs, goosebumps ...and poem envy.

The Concert
by Bill Richardson on Sonic Gypsy.
Sonic Gypsy makes the lofty world of classical music accessible and welcoming - an invitation I think this world needs a lot more often. I like all her phrasing and link shares, but this particular post features a poem by a well loved CBC radio host, and the poem was too smart and witty not to share it.

We Passed Each Other When the Sky was Pink
by Sophie Blackall
This is a link to MissedConnectionsNY - a site that, if you haven't visited already, is very much worth a stop. Sophie reads through the Missed Connections section of New York City, and then paints the moments. Hard to explain, unless you see it. Warning: if you are oft' swept up in whimsical daydreams, you might get stuck inside the world of Sophie Blackall. She is quite lovely.

Every Person in Vancouver
I actually do know who this is, but I have a feeling it's supposed to be a secret. I like the all-encompassing "Vancouver" blogs that have been springing up lately (like vancouverweloveyou.com - been there yet?). This one is up on that list.

The Scariest Story
by Hyperbole and a Half.
Another favorite from Allie. Don't read this post until you've swallowed your milk and moved your glass out of reach. Also, don't eat Triscuits while you're on this site, or anything else that's poky when inhaled.

...well that's it for now! Hope that passes some extra time for those of you bored at the office this afternoon.

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