Friday, March 4, 2011

skinny Bridget.

So if, perchance, there is a reeeally cute delivery guy moving file cabinets around the file room (ooo, burly), and you are an alternate contact on the delivery which means you get to be in there, legitimately allowed to watch him do his thing (swoon)…and you become so inebriated with his cuteness (heart shaped pupils? Check.) that you should lean over to your coworker and whisper how dreamy the delivery guy is, you should probably (just an idea) make sure the dude is out of earshot.

...Oh, shit.

Exit strategy: 1) “remember” something 2) hasty retreat to cubicle.

Smooth Ashley, real smooth.


Lindsay said...

I bet he loved it! :) You probably made his day!!!!

Mama said...

Awesome, haha. And, once again, I love the photo.

Colin and Evelyn said...

ahahahahahahaha, that is very funny. I'm sure the feelings were mutual.