Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the tottering tower of to-do's

Like an increasing amount of my favourite phrases, I stole that one from Anita. This post is being written on a whim, in between Peek Freans, excel spreadsheets, expense claims cheque deposits (hey-oh!), car insurance renewals, errands, phone calls, administrative duties both work related and not, and health-saving sips of EmergenC.

Ottawa was fantastic, productive, and rich with learning opportunities. Also, it was warm and sunny out. My hotel room vent made noise all night, and I had difficulty adjusting to the 3hr time change (wimp!), but overall it was a very good trip, and I’m actually sad that I won't be doing more of them. C'est la vie.
This Saturday I am moving, which means I am currently in the process of fitting the stuff of my life into an assortment of different sized boxes and bags. For one such as myself, who idealizes and daydreams about living a life of simplicity, I certainly have a lot of crap to pack; nostalgia won’t let me live simply, as it turns out. I have been making odd little giveaway piles here and there…even so, there are more boxes than I bargained for. The closer I get to moving day, the more anxious I am to just move.

It was a Mad March, as Clich├ęs predicted. Though the madness was good and life giving, I am still ready for a change of pace. Less frantic sprints through the grocery store; more couch time. Luckily, I am heading up North on Sunday for a two week hiatus in my old stomping ground... actually, I hardly “stomped” while I was growing up – I spent more time quietly admiring the pot stirrers than I did stirring anything myself – but times have changed and it’s a phrase I’ve never used, and I wanted to say it. So I did. What was I saying?

Oh yah – the North. My family. Rows upon rows of days of sleeping in, niece cuddles and kisses, home-cooked-by-someone-other-than-me meals. Photoshoots with my radiantly beautiful sisters, catching up on this wildly changing life with my childhood best, enjoying some extra vitamin D in the sunny center of the province. Two week vacation to the homeland? Beauty.

Anyway, I have this thought in my head that I’ll post madly about politics in preparation for the upcoming Federal Election (May 2, all you Canadians) – specifically, I’d be addressing those of us between the ages of 18-30, wonderingly loudly and belligerently why we don’t all get off our asses and vote. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually be at my computer these next few weeks, but I do promise to post a general “How To” for voting at the very least, and possibly some other tidbits of info as we prep for this important time in our country (slowly making you excuseless, which is my goal).

This has been rambly, even for me.
Au revoir.


Colin and Evelyn said...

Moving home? I am out of touch. I should scroll down as I'm sure I've missed a blog.

I printed off my special ballot application the other day and have to mail it in by April 26th. But if I want it to get there by May 2nd, I should actually mail it....soon. Yikes.

Have a fantastic holiday!

afterthoughtcomposer said...

oh! no, I'm not moving home, I'm just moving. And then, after that, I'm going home :) haha. I'll still be down here. You think I'd leave the area, knowing you're going to return to it someday!? HA! Unlikely. I miss you too much to leave just yet.

Colin and Evelyn said...

PHEWF! Where ya'll movin' to then? Are you going to stay in White rock?

You know, if you really missed me ... you'd ... come visit me! YAY! VISITORS! Yes please.

I'll start booking some non-refundable hotels and trips.

Mama said...

I loved spending that week on the coast with you. Looking forward to cooking for you. I adore your writing. Have I said that before?