Saturday, April 30, 2011

Voting: oh yah, I remember now.

Rightright. Election time.

...didn't I say something awhile ago about...informing the masses...saying what's what...blahdyblah. I think I did (promise to write about the election, that is). But then I spent 2 weeks with my niece. I ask you: at what point, while chillin' with the best three year old, is a person supposed to leave the incessant "why?"s, creative word pronunciations and heartwarming cuddles to stare at a computer screen? Um. NO POINT. Clearly. That goes without saying. Anyway, she goes to bed earlier than I do, which might have left me some time to write in the evenings... but my sisters don't go to bed that early, and neither do my parents, nor does my childhood best. Vis a vis: I had approximately 11 moments to myself whilst on Vacation: 10 of the 11 nights I actually slept and the 1 nap I took on a rainy afternoon. If you know me at all, you know I'm easily distracted by things like giggles and loved ones and sleepovers and toy trains. And also, Royal Weddings. Electoral issues took a wee bit of a backseat.

So anyway. That is the general summation of why I have not, in fact, written at all about the forthcoming MAJORLY CRITICAL EVENT. However: I've been giving this election, and my approach in writing about it, a lot of thought. My previous touchings on the subject have been...moody, at best. For example, I shared this bad drawing with my friends awhile back. To my knowledge, no one laughed.
I'm not gonna lie, I thought I was being pretty funny (and still do, actually).

And that's the problem: unless you consider it important, I am going to be hard-pressed to convince you otherwise. Sure, I could send you to the Elections Canada website which answers every single question you have about voting. Or maybe I could tell you it's your duty, your right, your obligation, your role as a citizen; that Cool People are to Voting as Deliciousness is to Cheese. But at the end of the day, you have to decide why it matters to you to vote...or (cringe) not vote. So how about this: I have decided to switch gears a bit, and tell you why I vote.

I vote because I can; I vote because millions can't.
I vote because I feel responsible: what is a voice worth, if I don't use it?
I vote because thousands upon thousands of men and women have fought for my right to do so;
through wars, campaigns, and movements. I want to honor their labors, and their victory.
I vote because voting effects change;
I don't want to be a member of the peanut gallery, I want my voice to matter.
I vote because I don't want to lose my say.
I vote to bring notice to the issues that matter to me.
I vote because I love this country, and its citizens, and the Freedoms that come from being one of that group.
I vote because democracy depends on it.
I vote because it matters that I do.

your turn. May 2.

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