Thursday, May 12, 2011

misquote, diversion

So, apparently when I said "tomorrow", I meant "whenever I get around to it."  Coming soon: the tale of the  pie failure. (did I just ruin the suprise?)

In the meantime, entertain yourself with this:

I believe my EXACT quote during the royal wedding was,
“Wow. It’s like a real life version of the ugly stepsisters.”


Mama said...

This is awesome. And all over Facebook. hahaha

Colleen Taylor said...

Did you collage this, Ash? It's brilliant. The main difference between the step-sisters and the York sisters is the placement of their fascinators: front vs. back.

afterthoughtcomposer said...

Hey Colleen! I didn't; someone shared it on facebook and I laughed so hard! In reality, the "ugly stepsisters" from Cinderella are wearing different colors, but someone changed the colors to match the cousins. Still funny :) Those girls are ridiculous!