Monday, May 9, 2011

pie and taxes


It just so happens that my beautiful friend is my beautiful accountant is letting me pay her this year in the form of strawberry pie. After some schedule coordination, it was decided that tonight would be the night I would make it for her.

I really love to make: pie
On the shortlist of foods I could live off of with ease: pie
The best things in life are: pie

(my imaginative food-loving head is including “anything lined with pastry”, FYI).

Anyway, as if my evening wasn’t fun enough, guess what! A challenge has been put forward, via the good folks over at A Michelin and a Mom. What I understand of the challenge is this: I will make a strawberry pie and document the process and results, using photos and my rapier wit. Then, Mr Chef will do the same. My brain’s been spinning since this morning, figuring out how to make a pie better than a professional chef.
Good luck Ashley.

Results tomorrow.

(don’t worry Lavonne, I’m making more than one pie – one for you, and one for me the challenge. After all, what’s a pie challenge without a taste test?)


Mama said...

Oh, if only I was there to be your taste tester. And my favorite thing for breakfast just happens to be pie. Sigh...

bonbon said...

This reminds me I think I'm owed a Pie for moving day truck borrowing purposes, usually I would let the offer of payment slide, but in the case of an apple pie I will not let this slide! haha! Love rush! I also haev a beauitful pie plate that I've nevr used if you want to use it!

Robertsons said...

Ignore all the silly people who say lard will make a flakier crust. They just don't know how to love their pastry. In a word: Butter.