Saturday, May 21, 2011

welcome to the last day of your life

., I don't believe that today is the last day of the world as we know it. But of course, the hype and the humor surrounding the hype have got me thinking: what if it really was our last day?

As I have considered the idea of what it would be like to know it was our last day on this planet, I have realized that I wouldn't really do much to change my plans. I wouldn't run frantically to the airport for a last trip, I wouldn't empty my bank account, I wouldn't phone everyone I know. It's not because I know exactly what to expect when I die, and it's not because I'm regretless; it's because I'm not afraid of death (sorry, religious groups). I have discovered a profound truth in recent years: I am pleased with my life. Sure, there's been difficulty (most of it brought on by yours truly, fyi); and there's been sadness and misunderstanding and grief. But there's also been beauty, grace, joy, laughs and giggles, and the marvelous adventure found in the unknown and every day. My life so far has been lived to the fullest extent of the opportunities I've been given; and for that I am grateful. I haven't had the most brilliant life, but it has been brilliant enough for me.

So, Overzealous Religious Group, bring on your theories. I will not succumb to fear. Do you know why? Because I do not have anything to be afraid of. My faith is quieter than your faith and less prone to fear mongering, and I am okay with that. I can't pretend to know God (because who can truly know Him?), and I won't say I have figured out the end (or even the middle or the beginning) - because I haven't - but what I know is this: life on earth is beautiful because it is life; and I expect death to be no less purposeful. So, on second thought, you can keep your theories to yourself.

Should we herd people to our beliefs like overwrought cattle? No, I don't believe we should. We all have better things to do with our time, and I certainly have better things to do with my 'last hours' than to watch you walk around with your hastily constructed poster-board; things like laundry, perhaps, or wild attempts at organization in a room filled with boxes; and of course, there's always kissing. That's a pretty good way to end a world.

See you in the morning.



Anonymous said...

Ashley. Well put. As always. Miss you. And if were together at the end of the world, I hope it's me you and a shot load of cider. Just sayin'.

Mama said...

I love your words. And I thank God that His Son will dispel all the mystery some day. I think laundry and kissing is a perfect way to spend our last day. Sure beats the heck out of tearing up to the hills in a frenzy...or being in a crowded airport.

" quietness and trust is your strength..."
Isaiah 30:15